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The Traveler's  Web

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Randolph Hock, Ph.D.

Ran divides his work time between writing and teaching. On the teaching side, he specializes in customized courses teaching people how to use the Web effectively (through his one-person company, Online Strategies). His courses have been delivered in over a dozen countries, to companies, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, schools, universities, and associations. On the writing side, The Traveler's Web is his fourth book. Ran has been a chemistry teacher, a librarian, and for many years he held training and management positions with DIALOG Information Services and Knight-Ridder Information. He loves to travel, to plan travel, to think about travel, to talk about travel, and to write about travel. He has traveled extensively in the US and abroad both for pleasure and for work (but even counts most of the “work” travel also as “pleasure”). He has traveled by plane, train, ship, ferry, boat, canoe, car, bus, bicycle, horse, and rickshaw. He lives in Vienna, Virginia with his wife, Pamela, and has three children, Matthew, Stephen, and Elizabeth.

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