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The Traveler's Web
An Extreme Searcher Guide

Travel Resources on the Internet

by Randolph Hock

Whether headed to Beijing on business, Cancun on a cruise, or to Hawaii to learn to hula, using the Internet can probably make your trip less expensive, more productive, and more fun. The trick is to know where and how to look, and sometimes just what to look for. Scores of millions of people have taken advantage of airfare and other savings they have found by shopping around on travel sites. Fewer, though, have used the Internet to investigate details of their destinations and what other people are saying about those destinations, to plan the details of their route before they get there, to check the weather, to learn the few words necessary to be "polite" in a foreign country, and generally to take greater advantage of the wealth of travel resources that are out there.

The Traveler’s Web presents the reader with a practical look at the very wide range of travel resources that are available on the Web, including the obvious resources such as reservations sites but going beyond those to include resources for specialized modes and kinds of travel, for getting around after you have arrived, and for helping to understand the background and culture of the places to be visited. The websites discussed in the book reflect the breadth of travel related topics and resources, and throughout the book you will find suggestions on how to use these resources most effectively. Whatever your purpose for travel, your mode of travel, or your destination, The Traveler's Web will help you get there and enjoy being there.

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