Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook

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"The Extreme Searcher,s Internet Handbook is the essential guide for anyone who uses the Internet for researchers,librarians, teachers, students, writers, business professionals, and others who need to search the Web proficiently. In this fully updated second edition, award-winning writer and Internet trainer Ran Hock covers strategies and tools (including search engines, directories, and portals) for all major areas of Internet content. Readers with little to moderate searching experience will appreciate Hock's helpful, easy-to-follow advice, while experienced searchers will discover a wealth of new ideas, techniques, and resources. Anyone who teaches the Internet will find this book indispensable.."

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The Traveler's Web

An Extreme Searcher Guide
to Travel Resources on the Internet

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Whether headed to Beijing on business, Cancun on a cruise, or to Hawaii to learn to hula, using the Internet can probably make your trip less expensive, more productive, and more fun.

Cover - The Traveler's Web

The trick is to know where and how to look, and sometimes just what to look for. Scores of millions of people have taken advantage of airfare and other savings they have found by shopping around on travel sites. Fewer, though, have used the Internet to investigate details of their destinations and what other people are saying about those destinations, to plan the details of their route before they get there, to check the weather, to learn the few words necessary to be "polite" in a foreign country, and generally take greater advantage of the wealth of travel resources that are out there.

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About the Author
Randolph Hock 
Ran Hock
"Have Workshops, Will Travel"

Ran also writes a monthly column for the CyberSkeptic's Guide to Internet Research
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Ran's First Book:

Cover - The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines

The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines
(Second Edition - 2001) (Out of Print)

First Edition named by Web Search Guide as  the Best Search Engine Book for 1999


Yahoo! to the Max
  An Extreme Searcher Guide..
"With its many and diverse features, it’s not easy for any individual to keep up with all that Yahoo! has to offer. Fortunately, Randolph (Ran) Hock—“The Extreme Searcher”— has created a reader-friendly guide to his favorite Yahoo! tools for online research, communication, investment, e-commerce, and a range of other useful activities. In Yahoo! to the Max, Ran provides background, content knowledge, techniques, and tips designed to help Web users take advantage of many of Yahoo!’s most valuable offerings —from its portal features, to Yahoo! Groups, to unique tools some users have yet to discover."

[NOTE: Though Yahoo! to the Max is still available, the content is now very dated. I recommend purchasing Yahoo! to the Max only if you are interested in what Yahoo offered in its heyday. Author]

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