For anyone who wishes to keep up with all aspects of Web search engines, the following sites will be helpful.

Search Engine Showdown by Greg Notess
Greg's site is a significant and easy-to-navigate resource for those who use search engines seriously, as well as those who need a quick overview.  Take a look at his section on "News Searches"  which has a great table comparing dates, frequency, searchability, etc. for the news portions of search engines.  For a good update on details regarding the sizes of search engines, see his search engine statistics. Also keep an eye out for Greg's excellent articles in various journals.

Search Engine Watch by Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan maintains an excellent site (and newsletter) which tracks search engines.  A lot of emphasis is on the "webmaster" side and the business side of the search engine world, but the "user's" side is also well-covered.  Chris Sherman, formerly of, has now joined Danny, and Chris is concentrating on the user side.  Makes a great combination .

Free Pint by William Hann
A free email newsletter with brief but very informative articles by professional searchers.  Covers a variety of aspects on how to get the most from the Web.  The site archives articles from earlier issues.

A Collection of Special Search Engines by Marten Hofstede of  Leiden University.  An extensive and well arranged collection of specialty search engines and related tools.
.    An excellent site for news, articles, etc. related to Internet research


Many organizations and associations sponsor conferences that contain a substantial amount of content related to Web searching.  The following are conferences where “extreme searchers” are likely to congregate.  For details on dates and locations, see the web sites listed.

Internet Librarian

Internet Librarian International

National Online Meeting

Web Search University

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