Google - Retrieves based on popularity of the site
HotBot - Easy-to-use interface, for both power and casual users
Lycos - Very good portal with large (FastSearch) database
Yahoo - Not a general Web search engine - Most popular Web directory
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Links to Meta-Search Engines


Most meta-search engines do not:
  • Return more than the first 10-30 records actually present in the target engine
  • Carry over syntax (Boolean, field search, etc.) as you entered it
  • Cover all of even the three largest search engines
These are most useful when:
  • You are searching for a single, very rare, word
  • You don't care to find all of the relevant records (but in that case, why not just pick one of the big "real" engines and search it, using all of its capabilities?)
For an extensive list of other meta-search sites, see:
Yahoo's "All-in-One Search" listing
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